"To develop the next generation of inspirational leaders to create synergistic Korean communities abroad"

JoinTheLeaders (previously known as the Korean-Canadian Leadership Development Committee) is a registered non-profit and non-partisan organization that promotes the national network of young Korean professionals in North America. The organization strives to become the hub between other fellow Korean organizations in North America and further in South Korea. Currently JoinTheLeaders is officially sponsored by Overseas Korean Foundation, an affiliation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Republic of Korea, and many other valued sponsors. 

Our Mission

1.We will encourage aspiring individuals to develop leadership skills by providing roadmaps, mentorships, and opportunities to network.

2. We will seek for opportunities to foster partnership with fellow organizations by working in conjunction and supporting them.



Vancouver Chapter

Brian Hansol Kang 강한솔 (Vancouver, BC) LinkedIn Brian Kang started to serve the community by volunteering to help homeless people in Korea. After moving to Canada, while he was in university, he continued to be engaged in community service by participating mentorship program and being a founding member of UBC Catholic Korean Students Society. Brian is thrilled to build up the foundation of the network for the Korean Canadian young professionals. He wishes not only to help Korean community to grow bigger in Canadian society but also to develop his own skills to be able to motivate younger generations to take initiatives. He is working in the software engineering/Network field in Vancouver area after graduating UBC with Computer Science combined with Mathematics degree.

Steve Ha 하승수 (Vancouver, BC) LinkedISeungsoo (Steve) was the secretary of University of Waterloo Korean Students Association (UWKSA) during 2005- 2006. He participated in various activities with the executive team. Steve is working as an analyst at Accenture Business Service of Utilities in Vancouver. Steve serves as a canvasser for United Ways for Accenture to get people involved in the community and raise money. He is currently working towards his CGA (Certified General Accountant) designation. Steve wants to incorporate all of the Korean communities into one, the hub and develop a strong connection between each and all of the Korean Canadian organizations. He also believes in the success of bringing Korean Canadians together and building a national wide Korea- Canadian Community.

Andrea Yeo 여지현 (Vancouver, BC) Andrea is studying at the University of British Columbia as an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Science. Throughout her high school years, she has been involved in many volunteer organizations and has dedicated time the community. During the time, she wrote an article in the Vancouver Educational Post to illustrate what she was able to gain how she matured by providing aid. As shown, it is her passion to actively engage in philanthropic initiatives and she hopes to contribute her effort in strengthening such areas of JoinTheLeaders. Although, Andrea feels as if she lacks much experience, she hopes to learn quickly and help individuals in the Korean-Canadian community to become more familiar with various ways of volunteering. By establishing more sustainable philanthropic projects that Korean- Canadians can continuously participate, Andrea aims to motivate people to always give back to the community.

Jack Kim 김진범 (Vancouver, BC) Jack recently graduated from University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in the Department of Pathology, and is currently working in the AbLab at the Biomedical Research Centre at UBC. He has been pursing constantly improving leadership style since highschool, as an elected body of the student council.  He has volunteered with various organizations and community centres, such as Vancouver General Hospital, Needle Exchange, Sunrise Adoption, Frontier College, Writing History Together Project, and MOSAIC. Jack also has been involved with Korean-Canadian organizations, such as Cheon Doong and AKCSE UBC, promoting Korean culture and effective networking in Canada. With his experience, he wishes to build upon the already existing network of young Korean professionals and make sure the tower of information is always cumulative. Through effective networking within Korean and Canadian communities, he believes young Korean-Canadian professionals and students can expand their ideology and goals.

Eliot Hong 홍찬영 (Vancouver, BC) LinkedIn Eliot is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario (formally known as Western University) with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies degree. He currently works for the BC Lions Football Club as an Event Operations Coordinator, and has previously worked for Canucks Sports & Entertainment, TrojanOne Ltd. and Western University. He is specialized in event planning, operations management, public relations, corporate communications and marketing strategy. Eliot is passionate about networking, community building and mentorship, and he aims to further develop JoinTheLeaders on their outreach and professional networks in the Korean-Canadian community. He also enjoys photography, fitness, video games and a good sunset or two.

Seungil Paik 백승일 (Vancouver, BC) LinkedIn Seungil is a PhD student at UBC in Pharmaceutical Science, and has completed his BSc in Biology at University of Waterloo and Masters of Medical Science at Yonsei University in Korea. After completion of Master's degree, Seungil has worked at international non-profit research facility Institut Pasteur Korea. Interested in gaining new experience in every opportunity, he has pursued wide range of volunteer opportunities whenever possible, working as interpreter at numerous international conferences such as G20 Summit Meeting in Korea and 2nd Annual Texas MD Anderson-Yonsei Medical School Joint Symposium. Through his career, Seungil has deep appreciation of the value of professional networking, and is currently serving as a Professional Development Workshop Director at UBC Pharmacy Graduate Student Society. When he is not doing his lab work, he enjoys basketball, judo, traveling and photography.


Toronto Chapter

Solbi Hong 홍솔비 (Toronto, ON) LinkedIn
Solbi works in the M&A Tax practice of Deloitte. Prior to Deloitte, she had experience in finance and creating investment analysis reports for projects at Public Works. She has taken on various roles in university years as an interviewer for on-campus volunteers, a case writer for a business conference and a representative in In-Residence Council. She joined JoinTheLeaders in 2010; contributing to changing dynamics of the group and the community over the years has been the fun part for her to say the least. She excels in promoting a collaborative process with other organizations towards building a stronger connection among Korean professionals. She is truly passionate about the unity of the Korean Canadian community across all generations and providing networking opportunities for like-minded leaders, where new ideas can start to flow.
Paul Gil 길대균 (Toronto, ON) LinkedIn
Paul is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo and currently works as a consultant at KPMG’s Advisory group, specializing in internal audit and risk compliance. Paul is also a Chartered Accountant candidate after successfully completing his UFE in 2011. From his prior work experiences, it was evident that Korean professionals have limited network and resources in North America’s professional work environment. As a result, Paul recognizes the need for strong network among young Korean professionals, and its importance in developing the next generation of leaders from the Korean-North American community. As a member of JoinTheLeaders, Paul hopes to raise awareness of Korean professionals in various industries across North America, and ultimately, eliminate the barriers to allow more resourceful interaction and network opportunities to both professionals and students in our community.

Seoul Chapter

Yongsub Eric Shin 신용섭 (Seoul, Korea) LinkedIn As JoinTheLeaders co-founder, Yongsub thrives to build a strong network among young professionals and students, spanning the entire North American continent and further to the world. Not only for the development of Korean-Canadian community, also for every individual community members' leadership development, Yongsub wishes to meet more bright-minded community enthusiasts as much as he wishes JoinTheLeaders team to grow. With his background experience from serving as Vice President at University of Waterloo Korean Students' Association (UWKSA) and an active member at Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation Student Development Committee (KCSF-SDC), Yongsub plans to develop his skills to help younger generation in our beloved community and grow together. He was also one of 90 overseas Korean young leaders who attended 13th Future Leaders Conference, hosted by Overseas Koreans Foundation in 2010. As a graduate from Honours Computer Science with Software Engineering option from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from INSEAD, Yongsub has provided professional IT consulting services to various companies such as Bank of Montreal, Credit Suisse, BC Hydro, etc.. He is currently working for Samsung Electronics as a business development manager.
Hyungbin Kim 김형빈 (Singapore) LinkedIn Hyungbin Kim has a vision of creating a professional network that would help young Korea Canadians to be successful in their respective industry and academia. Since the inception of the group, he focused on building a community organization that would create and support such network so that a next generation of great leaders can be developed. He is currently an INSEAD MBA candidate for 2012. Prior to the school, he was a consulting actuary at Ernst & Young in Boston Office serving large US, Canada and international insurance clients, providing advisory services around merger & acquisition, securitization and financial reporting. He graduated from University of Waterloo and was a visiting student at Harvard University.