Follow the Leaders
Interview with leading figures of Korean Community in Canada


 "You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all"

-Dan Zadra




Alex Yong-Kun Kim

  In our newest edition of FollowTheLeaders, we were cordially invited to the office of BEHERE Immigration Consulting by the founder of the firm, Mr.Alex Yong-Kun Kim. An expert in the field of immigration and keen to the recent changes made in immigration policies, Mr.Kim shared his insight to new immigrants and those in preparations.

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Sarah Chang

Interviewing with a violin virtuoso, Sarah Chang, was very adventurous.  Our team had to go through security guards to get into the backstage, and only 30 minutes were given for an interview in between her rehearsals with Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Musicians, in general, are known to get very sensitive before their performances; however Sarah greeted us with the warmest smile and answered our questions enthusiastically.  She was a modest, charming, and beautiful woman addressing herself as an ordinary person who just loves playing violin so much despite her world renowned status as a violinist.  We were even able to engage in typical ‘girl talk’ with her and felt that she was at some level just like us, with her love for dresses and shoes.  We would really like to thank Sarah Chang again for having an interview with us despite her hectic schedule.

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Young Hyun Lee

Stella Chun from the JTL West chapter had first encountered Mr. Lee during OKTA-Vancouver Trade school in 2010, where he appeared as a keynote speaker. His lecture was over 2 hours but it was definitely worth listening to. He came to Canada with a dream and managed to succeed in this society. His lecture's main points were: "order today, deliver today" and be persistent - don't give up because you ran into an obstacle. His story was truly inspiring and she wanted to interview him for our FTL to share his story. Due to his busy schedule it was not easy getting an interview with Mr. Lee. She wrote him e-mails but never heard a response back. The moment she got discouraged, Mr. Lee came back to Vancouver to visit OKTA-Vancouver and had a chance to have dinner with him. After the dinner, she literally chased after him to ask for an interview in person. Mr. Lee said "okay, give me a call, no e-mails because I get over 100 emails a day." She followed Mr. Lee's advice - be persistent and don't give up - and managed to schedule an interview with him and our JTL East chapter.

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Senator Yonah Martin

As the first senate of a Korean descendant, Yonah Martin has been a prominent figure in the Korean Canadian community with her dedicated service. Her speeches have always touched our hearts and motivated us to follow her footsteps to become the next leaders in our community. We proudly present this interview, in which you will not only learn more about the pathways Yonah has taken, but also be touched by her caring and loving personality.

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Mi-Jung Kim

If you are a resident of Lower Mainland in BC, then you will have come across the face of Mi-Jung Lee of CTV. As the first Korean-Canadian anchor at a major Canadian news network, she has established herself as an expert and well respected reporter and anchor. Currently she's active as an investigative reporter working hard to expose the truth to the mass public. We were very fortunate that she lent her time to us in her busy schedule to share her experience in her incredible journey in the journalism industry and the inspirations she received in her life to overcome challenges. We hope that our readers can be inspired to challenge themselves and strive to find success in their journeys.

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Steve Kim

On a lazy Friday afternoon under light rain, Chris, Stella and James from the JoinTheLeaders Vancouver Chapter met Steve at his office which is in a beautiful heritage office building in downtown Vancouver. Steve kindly offered water, coffee and even some cup ramen.

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Mikah Lee

Featured as one of the top successful women in business by Toronto Star, Mikah Lee, a CEO of LPR Global, is a great role model for young people pursuing a career in business or entrepreneurship. The interview was conducted over dinner in downtown Toronto, where Mikah shared her stories of the challenges with gender discrimination in Korea, as well as her successes and passion in her career.

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Antoine Valois-Fortier

 Antoine started practising judo at the age of 4. His parents thought it could help manage his high level of energy. His rapid success and the pleasure he was having fighting, soon made him a fan of the sport. At the age of 15, after a few national and international events, Antoine began to believe that he could go the Olympics. He points to his father as the main figure of influence in his life, thanking his advices in his career and his life in general. In the sport of judo, he claims that Nicolas Gill has been his role model. When not busy training, Antoine spend time studying to complete his CEGEP in human science. Occasionally, he also likes to spend time with his friends, going to the cinema or playing basketball.

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Dr.Samuel Noh

On October 24th 2009, the JoinTheLeaders team had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Samuel Noh for our Follow The Leaders project. Dr. Noh kindly hosted us at his house for the interview where we were welcomed by Dr Noh and his wife.  Despite lacking experience (it was our first interview after all), Dr. Noh made us feel comfortable by showing interest in our organization and initiatives.  Mrs. Noh even offered us some drink to make us feel at home.  We were able to start the interview promptly, which ended up lasting a little less than 2 hours. We would like to share Dr Noh's inspiring perspective by presenting our first interview of many to come in this project, Follow the Leaders.

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