"Follow The Leaders"

What are the job descriptions of the following professions? 
Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Software developers, Politicians. You can probably answer the job descriptions of most of these figures.  But behind their titles, what do they really do?  What do they achieve at work everyday?  What is the work setting like?  What does it take to stand out from the pack? 

"Follow the Leaders" a JoinTheLeaders initiated project, strives to identify the leaders of our community in all fields of discipline and delve into their past to share with you their success stories as well as their plans for the future.  By form of interviews, we will share the ambitions, dedication, innovations, and leadership skills of these exceptional leaders hopefully to inspire aspiring young professionals and students alike to become leaders as well.  
If you have any questions/suggestions or would like to join the project team, please contact info@jointheleaders.com
Our Leaders

Steve Lee
Audit Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
Toronto, ON
January 5, 2014 NEW!
Dr. Joseph Kim
Professor, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
Setpember 9, 2013 
John Cho
Partner, KPMG's Transaction Services group 
Toronto, ON
June 23, 2013 
Yul Kwon
TV Show host
New York, NY
March 19, 2013
Dr. Jennifer Chun
Professor in Sociology at the University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC
December 10, 2012
Antoine Valois-Fortier
Athlete (Judo)
Toronto, ON
October 27, 2012 
Young Park
Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Davis+Henderson
Toronto, ON
Jul. 29, 2012 
Mike Kim
Founder of Crossing Borders, Author of "Escaping North Korea"
Washington, DC
Apr. 24, 2012
Mi-Jung Lee
CTV News Anchor & Producer
Vancouver, BC
Apr. 03, 2012
Mikah Lee
Toronto, ON
Jan. 18, 2012 (PDF)
Raymond Chun
Senior Vice President at TD Canada Trust
Vancouver, BC
Dec. 07, 2011
Sarah Chang
Vancouver, BC
Nov. 02, 2011
Young-hyun Lee (English | 한국어)
Former President of World OKTA
Toronto, ON
Aug. 29, 2011
Rev. Sang Chul Lee
Toronto, ON
Jun. 09, 2011
Senator Yonah Martin
Vancouver, BC
Mar. 19, 2011
Julia Shin Doi
General Counsel & Secretary of the Board of Governors at Ryerson University
Toronto, ON
Jan. 21, 2011
Ben Chin
Vice president of Communications at the Ontario Power Authority
Toronto, ON
Jan. 05, 2010
Kyung Yoon
Executive Director of Korean-American Community Foundation
New York, NY
Jan. 05, 2010
Dr. Dennis Hong
Robotics Engineer and Professor
Blacksburg, VA
Aug. 16, 2010
John C.H. Kim
Corporate and Energy Lawyer
Vancouver, BC
Sep. 10, 2010
Dr. Chil-Yong Kang
Molecular Virologist and Professor
London, ON
Jun. 14, 2010
Steve Kim
Entrepreneur and Executive Director of C3 Society
Vancouver, BC
Mar. 08, 2010
Senator Paull Shin (English | 한국어)
Washington State Senator
Seattle, WA
Feb. 11, 2010
Min Sook Lee (English | 한국어)
Documentary Producer
Toronto, ON
Jan. 12, 2010
Dr. Samual Noh (English | 한국어)
Social and Cultural Epidemiologist
Toronto, ON
Nov. 30, 2009
"Follow The Leaders" is a unique project that needs your attention to the process of the interviews. If you would like to participate in this project, please join us!

Follow The Leaders "Unplugged"

Follow The Leaders "Unplugged" is a unique networking event for young professionals and university students. We invite our previous "Follow The Leaders" leader to this event to talk about their stories to the young generation in the community for more inspirations!